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Earth Day Festival - Learn about zero waste and electrifying your home

Sustainable Lafayette is hosting their Earth Day Festival on 4/30/22 Saturday on Golden Gate Way near the Lafayette Library 11am-2pm. Yay!! I will be there with a table, representing the Buy Nothing Project and our city's Environmental Task Force. If we haven't met yet, come say hello! I'd love to meet you! My co-admin Christina Goddard and the admin of Lafayette's 2.0 group Jen Bhadra may stop by. In the spirit of promoting zero waste, I will be collecting these hard-to-recycle items (see flyers for what is accepted). I am happy to discuss ways to cut ties with single-use plastics. I'll likely bring a zero waste party pack, and if you bring a beverage of your choice, we can toast in reusable cups to whatever you'd like... maybe the celebration of life and love! I'll also bring my portable induction cooktop for those who are interested in learning more about electrifying their kitchen. There are different ways to decarbonize or electrify your home. Let's discuss more ways to switch away from methane (i.e. "natural gas"). Will be collecting: ***Brita pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, all filters, and filter packaging. Must be only Brita. ***Oral care products, including toothbrushes, floss containers, toothpaste tubes, mouth wash containers. Any brand is fine. Empty please! ***Plastic smoothie pouches and caps (such as GoGo Squeez). Any brand is fine. Rinse and dry please! ***Hasbro toys. No batteries, baby gear, or ride-on toys. ***Late July snack bags. Empty please! ***Personal cosmetics products packaging for hair care, skin care, lip care, deodorants, etc. Any brand is fine. Empty please! If you can't make it to the Earth Day Festival, please contact me at, and we can arrange drop off. Unfortunately, I can't store all these throughout the year due to space constraints. Items will be mailed to Terracycle (a US-based company), and proceeds donated to a charity.


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