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Purple Air in Lafayette?

No, the color of our air hasn't changed. PurpleAir is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled service that empowers individuals to monitor the level of fine particulate air pollution in their immediate area by installing affordable sensors across the community. These devices work by using lasers that count the particles of various sizes to determine the weight of fine particulates by volume and the corresponding EPA air quality index. The data collected is free and open to the public.

PurpleAir began monitoring air quality in November 2015. They have distributed more than 2,000 devices to countries around the world, including many throughout our region and California.

To date, we have ten monitors in Lafayette, and more in the works. Sustainable Lafayette is providing monitors to our local public schools with the first now broadcasting from Campolindo HS. To view real-time and historic fine particulate matter readings, click on the PurpleAir Network link below then click on the Air Quality Index bubble for the desired location to see the details.

What are your thoughts about our air quality? Interested in joining the PurpleAir network? Let us know by reaching out to our board member, James Leach. If you want to learn more about particulate matter pollution take a look at the video Clearing the Air above.

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