Join Us! Beekeeping for Beginners on August 15

The Lamorinda Community is invited to join us on Sunday, August 15th from 4pm-5pm in Moraga to learn about bees and beekeeping for beginners. We will start the meeting with a brief talk about beekeeping, how to get started as a beginner beekeeper, some facts about bees, why bees are in trouble and what we can do to help them. We will then open the hive to show you the bees, components of the hive and what the inside of a hive looks like. There will be bees flying around when we open the hive. We will provide veils to wear to protect your face and head. Please wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, shoes and socks. You might want to wear gardening gloves if you are worried about stings.

This meeting is free to the public. Donations for equipment are appreciated, but not expected. We will have honey available from when we harvested from the hive this summer. The honey will be on sale at $10 per jar. The money from sales will go towards helping fund this project.  

We have room for 15 people to join us. Sign up here. Got questions? Send them to info@sustainablelafayette.org

We plan to hold another meeting in October where we will harvest the honey and run a demonstration on how to extract the honey from the frames.

If you are allergic to bees, please do not attend this meeting.


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