Sustainable Lafayette is a grassroots non-profit that is working to transform Lafayette into a highly sustainable community that enhances the quality of life for current and future residents.


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  • Lafayette Working on Plastic Bag Ordinance

    The Lafayette City Council has directed City staff to draft a single-use plastic bag ordinance instead of relying on the state legislation (SB270) that was recently approved.  On Nov. 24th the Council will consider whether to include a charge for paper bags in our local ordinance.  Read our letter explaining why they should.  Send your own input to the Council.

  • Help us Envision a Sustainable Lafayette!

    We have started to work on sketching what a Sustainable Lafayette would look like in the future.  A truly sustainable community could be the greatest place that any of us has ever lived!  Take a look and let us know what you would add to the picture.

  • Waste Audit Shows that 57% of Lafayette Garbage Could be Recycled!

    Sustainable Lafayette partnered with Republic Services in the summer of 2014 to conduct an audit of the garbage of 20 typical single family homes in Lafayette.  Learn more..

  • Top 10 Ecological Reasons to Love Lafayette!

    We’ve all seen the “Love Lafayette” bumper stickers. Now we have a list of ecological reasons to love Lafayette even more! View list…

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