Home Electrification (Part 5): Selecting a High Efficiency, Heat Pump Water Heater

Author: Wei-Tai Kwok, Past President, Sustainable Lafayette (weitai[at]sustainablelafayette.org)

Article published November 26, 2020. Sanden unit installed in Summer 2019. Incentives updated Jan. 2022. Watch January 2022 webinar.

In my effort to decarbonize our home and convert all appliances from gas to electric, I was lucky our 15-year old natural gas water heater was approaching the end of its 15-20 year life. Most homeowners like me don’t think about replacing our water heaters until a mini crisis arises, when the unit rusts-out and starts leaking or simply stops working. That “emergency” type of timing makes it hard to research a thoughtful upgrade. Therefore, if your water heater is already more than 10 years old, consider proactively replacing it with an energy-efficient, all-electric versio