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Sustainable Lafayette's 2017 "Residential Solar and Electric Vehicle Open House Weekend"

residential solar installation

In September 2017, Sustainable Lafayette hosted an opportunity for residents to visit and learn from several different Lafayette residents who shared their experiences installing solar energy and leasing or purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). This free Open House weekend was organized by Sustainable Lafayette and provided the opportunity to visit homeowners in our neighborhood to see for yourselves how it all works and what their experiences were like.

When you "electrify everything" in your lifestyle, you create the opportunity to power everything via solar, wind and other clean, sustainable and renewable sources of energy, and to move away from burning polluting fossil fuels.

Is going solar and EV cost effective? What are the benefits? Any pitfalls? Likes and dislikes? How was the installation experience? Are there any special maintenance issues?

Also, participants learned more about Lafayette’s participation in the Bay Area SunShares group solar and EV buying program in full swing every October/November as well as the various tax credits, rebates and savings available.

Solar and EV Open House

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