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Sustainable Lafayette Urges City to Stop PG&E from Cutting Down 272 Lafayette Trees.

August 29, 2017: The Board of Sustainable Lafayette has voted to endorse the non-profit, Save Lafayette Trees, and its efforts to stop PG&E from the unnecessary cutting of trees in Lafayette. In March 2017, PG&E and the City of Lafayette signed a tree cutting agreement whereby 272 trees, 216 which are protected, are scheduled to be removed this fall along the Lafayette-Moraga Trail, Lafayette Reservoir Rim Trail, downtown, and on residential property. There are also an additional 200 trees at risk from removal in Briones Regional Park.

While we are all concerned about gas pipeline safety, we believe that PG&E's rationale that trees may cause problems on gas pipelines requires further substantiation and exploration of alternatives to tree removal in Lafayette.

Sustainable Lafayette urges the City of Lafayette to immediately rescind the tree cutting agreement with PG&E and allow for greater community involvement in the decisions around community safety and tree removal.

Visit to learn more and to take action.

Map of 272 Lafayette trees identified for removal by PG&E
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