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2018 Election Topics

In our November election this year, we will be electing two new City Council members.


As a service to Lafayette residents for whom sustainability and environmental issues are important, we have asked all five candidates to respond to the following three questions:

1) Because Lafayette is a desirable place to live we are subject to continuing pressure to grow. What is your vision for growth in Lafayette?

2) Because Lafayette is a transportation access point for surrounding communities, traffic congestion is worsening as these communities grow. How do you propose we address this burden?

3) The natural gas pipelines that run through Lafayette to supply our city are old, have no provisions for automated inspection, and have no automated shutoffs. How would you propose these hazards be addressed?


Please click on link under each of their names to view their responses. We will publish the link to this page on our FB and Twitter feed as well so Lafayette voters will have a better idea of where our candidates stand on issues related to the sustainability of our community.

We thank our candidates for their participation and honest responses to these important questions!

Think Global, Act Local!

CCTV Election Preview Forum with all candidates - published 1-Oct-18

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